Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Induced Labour

"When certain maternal conditions arise or if the baby's movements are worrying, the doctor may advise an induced labor. There are 2 types of induction - medical and surgical. In the medical method, a pessary(a tablet containing a substance responsible for triggering uterine contractions) is inserted in the vagina. In a surgical induction, the waterbag is intentionally burst to start the onset of labor. This often results in a more painful labor experience." source : Pregnancy & Babycare Guide vol. 10

haih penat taip..smlm terbaca topic ni masa telek2 buku sebelum tido..huwaa..mana satu yg akan Dr. buat kat aku? medical? surgical? huwaa..harap2 bukan yg sakit tuh!! tp dedua sure sakit punye laa..


  1. byk2 doa ila skrg ni.
    ari2 minta maaf kt suami.
    semoga semua selamat nnt :)
    xsabar nk tgk bby ko...

  2. doa byk2..time mcm ni byk baca surah maryam bg permudahkan bersalin...yg penting baby selamat n sihat...sakit kite pon rase berbaloi :D

    aku plak tak saba nak tunggu ko bersalin hihi..

  3. ye ila betul,doala byk2,bace yasin,bacela pape yg patut ,yg bole buat ko rase peace hehhe..aku nye surgical la aku rase,tahle,"intentional water broke "tu..jgn riso ila,rumah aku dekat je ngn spital :D pape call jek,opis pon dokat ngn spital

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